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Shrikhand Mahadev 68 Km Trek (Height 5227 M)- July-Aug

Shrikhand Mahadev 68 Km Trek (Height 5227 M) - July-Aug


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Places to Cover Jaon, Singhad, Brati Nala, Thachdu, Kali Ghati, Bheem Talai, Bheem Dwari, Parvati Bagh, Nainsarovar, Bheem Shila, Shrikhand Mahadev.

The Shrikhand Mahadev trek is a pilgrim trail that leads to the Shrikhand Mahadev peak (5227 meters/17150 ft.) named after Lord Shiva.The key attraction of this trek is the breathtaking view of the Himalayan ranges from Parvati valley of Kullu, Jorkandan, Rangrik ranges of Kinnaur and Hansbeshan and other surrounding peaks in the south east of Satluj river.The trek can be done either from Nirmand side or Arsu side.

The popular and widely travelled route is from the Nirmand Jaon village side.To reach the base camp, you have to drive from Shimla towards Rampur and cross the river Satluj to enter Niramand region of Kullu district and drive till Jaon Village.

It is a place of great attraction for the religious people as well as for climbers -Shrikhand Mahadev Peak Tour. A few glaciers also have to be crossed before reaching the majestic peak of Shrikhand, where pilgrims perform puja. The view from top is simply splendid one literally feels on the top of the world. The surrounding snow-covered peaks and mountains add to the grandeur. One cannot stay on the top for a long time as the winds there are very strong and bone-chilling.

Kartikey Parvat (Lord Kartikey Mountain):

Kartikey Mountain is dedicated to Lord Kartikey. He is the elder son of God Shiva and the Army chief of Lords Army. This mountain peak trek starts from the Shrikhand
Top. If weather is clear at the top any one can eaisly take a panaromic view of this mountain. After reaching at the top of Shrikhand Mahadev, The trek for Kartikey Mountain looks so easy to the trekkers. They believe one can comfortably pass this trek with ease. But the real story is this no one can ever reach to this mountain peak.

As per the locals saying no one can reach Kartikey Parvat ever till this time. Locals also believe that if some one will reach to this mountain Lord Kartikey will come in front of him and complete his one wish for granted as per ordered by God Shiva (Lord Kartikey Father). There are many stories of expedition of this mountain but no one ever success in this task. One story from them as per locals are like that three friends of local area decide to climb this mountain. They take enough food with them from which they could eaisly survive for more than 3 days but as the first night begins, they start feeling hungry. As like the night passed they feel more hunger and they eat all the food in one night. Next day they are not in the position to continue the trek and they decided to come back to their homes.

Shrikhand Mahadev trek best time to visit in July to August month of the year( with permission from Himachal tourism & forest department ).

Trek Route:

Jaon-Singhad-Brati-Nala-Thachdu-Kali Ghati-Bheem Talai-Bheem Dwari-Parvati Bagh-Nainsarovar-Bheem Shila-Shrikhand Mahadev trek Top.

Places between treks:

Jaon is the small village in Nirmand tehsil of Kullu District, Singhad, Brati-Nala or Brati Khumba, Thachdu,

Kali Tibba or Kaali Top, Bheem Talai, Bheem Dwari, Parvati Bagh, Nainsarovar (Pond of Tears of Goddess), Bheem Shilaye, Shrikhand Mahadev Top.

Trek Itineary:

Altitude: 5162 meters (16930 feet approx.)

Trail Type: Difficult gradients. Steep incline trek going through rough glaciers covers, rocky moraine path. People with no or less High altitude trekking experience should not attempt this trek.

Day 01
At morning start trek to Thachdu from Shinghad Base Camp. On the way visit Barati-naala. Overnight stay at Thachdu.

Day 02
At morning trek from Thachdu to Bheem-Dwari. On the way visit Kalli-Top, Bheem-Talai. Overnight stay at Bheem-Dwari.

Day 03
At early morning 03:00-04:00 AM, start trek to Shrikhand top. On the way trek Parvati-Bagh, Nain-Sarovar, Bheem-Shillaye. Then return back to Parvati Bagh. Overnight stay at Parvati-Bagh.

Day 04
At morning, start trek from Parvati-Bagh to Bheem-Talai. Overnight Stay.

Day 05
At morning, Trek From Bheem-Talai to Shinghad Base Camp. Overnight stay.

Shrikhand Mahadev


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